Блог «Новой газеты», Отзывы читателей на обложку «Новой»: Vergeef ons, Nederlands

На редакционную почту за последние сутки пришло очень много писем. Молчать о некоторых невозможно. Публикуем с орфографией авторов



Thank you for asking. You will be forgiven.

But not those who are responsible for this crime (direct and indirect), they will receive no forgiveness.

They might be forgiven if they report themselves to the Dutch authorities to be handed over to the International Court of Justice to undergo their just penalty.

We love the Russian people, but not those of you who abuse there power.

Hendrik Bos, The Netherlands

Thanks for your frontpage

someone from The Netherlands

As a citizen of the Netherlands I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gesture. I will always carry this with me.

Met vriendelijke groet / With regards

Carry Beekink

As an ex-journalist in the Netherlands, stationed all over the world, I would like to thank you for your braveness to publish that beautifull photo and the honest headline. It’s really great that you have the courage to do so.

Thanks for that and if there’s anything I can do to support you in your way of independent publishing, please let me know.

With best regards and lots of courage,

Martinus Martens


Хотелось бы узнать, на каком основании ваша газета приносит извинения голландцам за авиакатастрофу с Боингом с подтекстом о вине РФ. Какое вы имеете право говорить за всех русских, живущих в Голландии?

Нам здесь работать еще и жить дальше, а вы, бездоказательно, получается, обвиняете Россию. Хотите еще больше накалить обстановку?

Уверена, что каждый русский, проживающий в Голландии, скорбит о жертвах. Но своей статьей вы без доказательств клевещете на РФ и говорите за всех!

Без уважения к вам,

Юнона Волкова


Thank you for the front photo and the Dutch text, I highly appreciate it!

When I write this, tears coming again.

Marijke Jansen

Dear Sir / Madam,

The cover of todays Novaya Gazeta has deeply moved me. Thank you for this gesture.

Yours faithfully,

Remy Koens, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Thank you for your SORRY !!!

Greetings from Holland


I realy appriciate your front page of today.

However… Its MUCH to early to forgive anyone anything. In order to forgive you first need to know WHO to forgive with 100% certainty.

Please know that we from the Netherlands do not blame Russians for what happened to flight MH17. The responsibility more then likely lays with your government and the Pro Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

I have Russians living in my street and i will put myself in between crowd and them if that situation may arise.

You DO need to know however that we are small country with a big bite, and all that has happened WILL have consequences.

I live on a fixed income. (I’m the poorest of the poor in Holland) And i will gladly offer up a great part of my income to support hurtful sanctions against Russia. And my vision is a conservative one….

I hope this frontpage is followed up by rigid investigation by your paper into who, why and how. Otherwise this will just be seen as a cynical attempt at uppeacement. If thats the case we will take it as a kick in the nuts and act accordingly.


Ron van Oosterhout, The Hague, The Netherlands

Hello People from Novaya Gazeta,

I want to thank you and your journalists for the delicate front page, It is a nice gesture from your paper,

This tragedy has left all Dutch people grief-stricken, and thats is the reason that the hole country in mourning about all of the losses souls who has fallen by this tragedy.

But it is good to see and to know that whe are not alone whith our tears and grief.

The answer on you question on your frontpage:

Of course we forgive the innocents, and whe presume that your people did’nt whant this too. I think it was for your country also a extreme shock someone have shot down MH17.

But for the second time, thank you for your support and grief.

Kind Regards and respect for your Paper.

Bart (just a dutch citizen)

Dear Russian friends, in response to an article published in the Dutch national media today (http://nos.nl/artikel/679090-russische-krant-sorry-voor-mh17.html ); I thank you for being sorry for the MH17 disaster. As a Dutch person I want to say that WE FORGIVE YOU; the Russian people! We know it is not the people who caused this, but the government.

We hope to find you at our side, protecting human rights and freedom everywhere.

Bless you,

Jeroen de Kort

Dear editors and employees of Novaja Gazeta,

As a citizen of The Netherlands I thank you so much for your initiative to express your condolences with the loss of so many lives of flight MH17, by making up the frontpage of Novaja Gazeta in the way you did today.

And I guess you are not speaking for yourselves only, but for many Russians too.

Willem Riemersma

Добрый день.

Хотелось бы понять, от чьего имени Вы извиняетесь на обложке номера 81?

С Уважением, Башнаев Виталий

Thank you. You are very brave,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

HI, thank you for your item in todays newpaper.

Our police force is now loking for evidence for investigation purposes and probably you can help to deliver this as well.

Please follow this link from the Dutch police website, it’s also in Russian:


Please help to find the ones who are responsible for this, this will also help to bring peace back between our countries.


Johan den Hartog, The Netherlands


I am now watching the two aircraft that for the third time are bringing victims to my country, rolling over the tarmac.

Tomorrow the same will be done and perhaps later more bodies will arrive. It is a very sorry sight.

I am certain very few people in Russia could ever have taken the decision to shoot down flights like MH 017.

Only those who committed the act and their commanders should severely be punished.

I very much hope that Russia decides to do the right thing.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. P.F. Vaarkamp

Trumandreef 43

6716 DH Ede

The Netherlands

Good afternoon, thank you so much, this is the first compassion from Russia I heve seen in The Netherlands.

Frank van den Akker, Utrecht, The Netherlands

PS: have all books of Anna at home and read several times

Dear editors at the Novaya Gazeta, thank you for your asking for forgiveness.

It is somewhat abstract for me as someone who has not been a victim directly of last weeks attack, to forgive you who are not the perpetrators of it, or to talk about forgiveness. But what I do know, is that I really appreciate it that there are people in Russia who are not only honest, dignified and humble enough to ask forgiveness, but also brave enough to do so publically, as a newspaper.

My brothers, my sisters, I love Russia, and I forgive my Russian friends.

I stand with you in your fight against your corrupted authorities. Just as I stand with you as people who are proud to be Russian. I have not forgotten the Russia that gave the world Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and scores of other brilliant writers, composers, scientists. I have not forgotten my Russian friends and their ever welcoming friendship with tables full of good food, and their help in times of need.

I have an immense admiration for you as people who dare to stand up for honest journalism, in a place where freedom is so very expensive. Thank you, for keeping the fire burning, for fighting for a free Russia, for freedom that hopefully will be there again one day. Thank you for being such an inspiring example of courage.

Yes, I forgive Russia, although maybe it’s not for me to say. And I pray for you. Keep up the good work.

Our nation is in mourning, and will be so for a while. But many of us remember that it’s not the people of Russia who have done us harm.

I pray for a peaceful future for Russia.

God bless you and keep you,

Bert de Jong

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Spasiba from the Netherlands

Dear editors, columnists, and other staff members of Novaya Gazeta,

Let me introduce myself before I continue, my name’s Rick, I am 15 years old, half Dutch, half American, and live in the Netherlands.

I’m sure you all can imagine why I am sending this e-mail—the front page of your latest issue, showing a picture of the hearses carrying the victims of MH17.

I don’t really know what to say, or how to say it, but I would like to inform you that all Dutch people forgive you, as it is not your fault.

Whether you are a supporter of Putin and Yedinaya Rossiya or not, I stand by my word—you cannot, EVER, dislike an entire nation just because of its political system, leaders, etc.

Ordinary people are always different from their leaders, as is the case with Russia.

I have met a lot of Russians before, and they all have become my friends. I can’t tell them all of the sudden that I hate them due to their country’s politics (which, even in Europe and the USA, can be very messy).

I’m just 15, but I’ve traveled a lot and have met the most beautiful people.

I speak Dutch and English natively, know a bit German, French, and Afrikaans, and have been trying to study Russian for a few years (haven’t gotten far enough yet, unfortunately). So I’m sure you imagine how surprised I was when the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, as Ukraine (in my eyes) has always stood beside Russia, connected to each other via their culture, history, language, and Slavic identity.

When I heard that a Boeing 777-200, operated by Malaysia Airlines (MH17), was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, my heart stopped. I saw the imagery of the bodies and how they showed the passports of children on live TV.

My dream has always been to become a pilot, I’ve always been interested in Eastern Europe (especially the CIS), and I’m a Dutch citizen. Yet now, for some scary and unfortunate reason, these three things have to do with the crash of MH17, and not with me.

It’s freaky seeing all those things come together, you know?

We’ve all been affected by this accident, whether we knew the victims, are interested in aviation, are interested in Russia, are Russian/Ukrainian expatriates or are simply shocked by what has happened—we all, have been affected.

To be honest, many aren’t too happy with Russia at the moment, but just know that when you see the hate and blame coming from the West, it’s not aimed at you, the Russian people, and is part of our grief.

Simply put and to make a long story short: Мы прощаем вас.

Also wanted to say that your cover of the latest issue is making headlines in Netherlands, UK, Australia, and USA.

I found out about what you did on Facebook, and all of the comments left by other Dutch people say the exact same thing— it’s not your fault.


Rick Borro


Dear N.,

I have seen a video of you apologising for MH17. I want to tell you this is much appreciated, even tough I’m sure neither you nor anybody an Novaya Gazeta bear any personal responsbility for this tragedy.

I have seldom felt so sad about a tragedy that I am not involved with. But I have two small children and there were many children, even babies aboard MH17. How dreadful is the thought that I would sit in a plane with my family and that we would be blasted out of the sky.

We fly to Ukraine every year to meet my family in law. This year we find it too dangerous. Which is sad too, because my parents-in-law long to see their grandchildren.

I think it’s a good thing that you shared your commiserations with the Dutch public.

Thank you for this.

Frans Bonte

Duivendrecht, The Netherlands

Здравствуйте члены редакции Новая газета!

Дозвониться до вас невозможно, пыталась зарегистрироваться , чтобы оставить комментарий- тоже безуспешно. Пользуюсь этой возможностью, хотя почти уверена, что ответов на мои вопросы я не получу. Я сейчас живу в Голландии. Я слежу за событиями, связанными с тем, что происходит на Украине. ( я пользуюсь как русскими, украинскими , так и европейскими источниками).

Сегодня открыла Телеграф (голландский) и что я вижу: Vergeef ons, Nederland.

Мои вопросы.

От имени кого вы простите извинения? Кто вас об этом попросил? Миллионы российских граждан?(может вы тайный опрос провели среди населения?) или от имени своей редакции? (тогда вас не очень много для таких заявлений!).

Доказана ли вина России? (хочу получить ответ на этот вопрос!). На ваших страницах было опубликовано мнение американской разведки (читайте внимательно!). Я, лично, сижу и жду выводов специальной комиссии. А вы?

Какая цель всего этого?

Вы знакомитесь с мнением людей, которые оставляют свои комментарии? (имею в виду в Голландии).

У кого еще вы хотите попросить прощения?

Со слабой надеждой на ответы на поставленные вопросы

Наталия Павлова

Dear Russia, there are still lots of Dutch people who love you.

Many people are ashamed of the violent attitude towards you. Asking for forgiveness is the nicest thing to do, thank you for that!!

I ask for forgiveness too, for my Dutch people who are in anger. They seem to prefer to listen to accusations from a country which acts like a bad policeman.

I strongly hope that the evil reveals itself.

Dear mr. Poetin, stay strong!

Respect from the Netherlands,

greetings from Fredrik de Haas

I am so very much touched by your grace and impressed with your courage!

Thank you from Holland

Hello staff of novayagazeta.ru,

I am a Dutch citizen who has lost several loved ones in the attack of MH17.

Today i have come across some things i found a bit confusing, namely a picture of your front page (as attached to this email).

I don’t know if it’s real, but if it is i would love to find out what the accompanying article was about and why there is a apology to the Dutch people.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the article that goes with the frontpage, and if it is only available in Russian language please do send it in digital format so i can run it trough a translator.

Secondly i found this page on your site http://www.novayagazeta.ru/photos/64488.html

Am i correct to understand this was in Ukraine by Ukrainian citizens?

The other day i’ve seen a video of a Ukrainian priest and allot of citizens near the area where the plane was shot they were holding a memorial service for the victim, i thought it was very touching, i think it’s terrible for all those Ukrainian citizens to be caught in the middle of all this and the political war going on in Ukraine right now. and no one over here is blaming them as they seemed to think.

Anyways i’m ranting now, please concider my requests and thank you for any assistance you could provide.

Sincerely, C. Westmaas.


Начну сразу с фактов. Я проживаю в Нидерландах и во время просмотра вечерних новостей узнала следующее: на главной странице российской газеты Новая газета появилась публикация с заголовком «Простите нас, Нидерланды» (именно в таком виде на экране было выведена страница вашей газеты с этим громким заголовком). я сразу бросилась к компьютеру зайти в интернет. нашла материалы сегодняшнего номера — ничего подобного нет. что за ерунда? забила в поисковую строку: новая газета простите нас, нидерланды. и вот что мне открылось: от 19 июля (!) (а сегодня уже 25 число!), уж не знаю на какой странице оказывается есть такая статья «Простите нас, если сможете», ну, думаю, это кто ж такой смелый такие громкие отсебятины выдавать? при беглом прочтении статьи выясняется, что текст примерно такого содержания есть в записках (!!), которые оставляют люди у посольства Нидерландов с поминальными цветами и проч.

надеюсь, смысл моего письма ясен. я просто возмущена.

травля России началась в активной форме еще в преддверие Олимпиады. мне, как российской гражданке, это очень тяжело ежедневно (!) воспринимать. после известных событий на Украине, эта травля приобрела просто немыслимые размеры, а после крушения Боинга я просто с ужасом жду очередных выпусков новостей. такой грязи, огульных бездоказательных обвинений, я не припомню с советских времен, которые мы так тщательно теперь искажаем, сознательно и бессознательно.

уважаемая редакция, тщательнее следите за своими материалами — не помогайте еще больше унижать свою Родину. вы видите, оказывается даже за границей ваши материалы получают огласку.

с уважением, Анастасия Соколова, 39 лет, бывш. преподаватель вуза по культурологии, канд. филос.наук, доцент.

Respect for what you have put on your frontpage about MH17 !

You’re a brave newspaper. It helps us tremendous to read that that you ask forgiveness.


Dear editor, it is only 2 days ago I wrote and angry letter to a Russian newspaper (Russia today) stating; we are at war! I will copy it in before I continue:

Mr Editor,

Even though your newspaper was started by a Dutchman, I challenge you to write an article about how we, the Dutch, feel about the Russians today in the Netherlands.

Let’s summarize our feelings; we are at a mental war with the Russians. The ones who dare to visit the Netherlands as tourists better not say they are Russian. They will receive a very hostile treatment. We are all united in fury. Why?

For a start it was a Buk rocket that shot an civilian aircraft out of the sky and therefor 298 people died. Yes, we know it was a bunch of barbaric idiots in eastern Ukraïne that did it, but they were trained by the Russians and they call themselves Russian. But how they treated that disaster area afterwards; medieval. A bunch of ordinary robbers with way too much testosterone. No civilization whatsoever in any bone.

Did we see any real action from the KGB agent now president? No.

Your president is as slimy as the former clown of Europe was ridiculous, Silvio Berlusconi. All words and no action. Or as we say in Dutch; veel geblaat maar weinig wol. Vladimir Putin has overplayed his hand and lost all sympathy.

At any rate in western Europe, Australia and Malaysia.

We really hope Russia will get punished by economic sanctions. We will simply put on an extra sweater if we do not get any Russian gas. And our florists are already looking for other markets.

Being united in anger and grief is a sad way. But, us, the Dutch women (and the rest of the country), we think all those idiots with their hoods and masks and guns, they deserve a hard beating with a matts beater (mattenklopper) on their bare behinds! I know of some very angry Surinam women — you better beware when they are angry, they are big and nasty — who are ready to take whatever means of transport to travel to eastern Ukraïne to shake the living shit out of their miserable separist bodies.

So, tell your readers, better not to visit the Netherlands the next year. Even here in Amsterdam, the most tolerant city in the world, Russians will not be treated kindly. We are so angry and so sad.

Marleen van Hilten, 64 year old nurse — in — the — neighborhood (wijkzuster) in Amsterdam

So, the fact that you ask us to forgive you, is really the first good step. My heart is already softening up. Of course I know there are extremely nice and sensible and intelligent Russian people who are so ashamed of what happened. But, to really be able to forgive you all, is find the culprit and let the international court of justice in the Hague deal with him. Because I am sure it is a man. Or a couple of men with about as much brains as a nest of young worms. Find them and we will love and honor you and therefor will forgive you.

My compliments to your act; a whole front page in Dutch asking forgiveness is totally brave and ok. Chapeau as the French say. Your front page made our 8 pm news and lots of us have seen that. I will ensure you it is a very (emotional) intelligent deed that has en enormous impact on our feelings towards the people of Russia.

Continue the good works and remain brave,

Yours truly, Marleen van Hilten.

As I read your newspaper, I get the feeling that you must have a great hate against your fellow Russian citizens, nothing is good and everything is wrong. Specially your knee fall for holland (where I live) with the words vergeef ons nederland is by me on the wrong side. Why you ask, as I know directly how they speak about Russia, how they think who clever they are against you, how they try to suppress your people, you must know better. Never Ever bow YOUR head for them or they take you. As I know them from the beginning (4900 year) and their history, you must keep them on distance. As the accident with the Malaysian plane is in the pocket of America (the most filthy creatures on earth) who try to stop President Poetin and BRICS for the downfall of the dollar and American influence in the world the separation of Russia and Oekraine is totally orchestrated there for enslaving the people of Oekraine, profit for a few, and murder, greed, rape following when they have a foot on the ground as they did in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere they came. I think you must understand and believe that once they (americans, british, french, and others) are between you, you have nothing to say any more about your own past and future and are confronted with perversions from the worst sort. In that you can better support your President as he is from all one of the very best from the last 50 years. And don,t forget WE all have limitations and can do better, but not as you are surrounded by animals who want to kill you. Russia has seen enough bloodshed as did Oekraine but do never forget it was all organized and supported by bankers from new york (Jacob loeb, max bermann, and others) and individuals from the lower east side who came to Russia in 1917 and in 70 year have murdered between 60 and who know how many more innocent people. That can happen again with you and other Russians as it goes wrong in Oekraine now.

So when I must write in the nova gazeta: All responsibility for this terrible accident is on America and the west including holland who support terrorism and murder, the forceful and violent replacement of an elected president (Victor Yanukovich) with help from polish, oekraiense fascisten and western mercenaries who are paid in dollars resulting in the destruction of the Malaysian airplane, Our President Vladimir Poetin is willing to cooperate with researchers to sort out the downing of the airplane. And tell foreigners (america, britain, france and others) to mind their own business and leave Russia, Oekraine and Belarus alone.

You may publish this in your newspaper with my name under it. (Russian Language)

Met Vriendelijke Groet.

Jean de Jong.


Dear reader, I was sincerely moved by your frontpage today and i would like to thank you for apologizing and making us realize that there are good things in Russia, which is something the media here seems to hide nowadays. Thanks!

Yours faithfully,

Douwe van der Wal


Кто дал вам право извиняться за украинцев???

Совсем с катушек съехали?

Это свинство!!!!

Грибков Василий

Как я понял из заголовка — сотрудники редакции Новой виновата в том, что боинг разбился, наверно главред кнопку нажал.

Читатель Никольский

Зачем журналисты Новой Газеты сбили Боинг? О_о

Dark Master

Еще расследование не закончено, а вы уже впереди паровоза.

Когда оно закончится и подтвердится ваша вина, вот тогда и извиняться будете. А сейчас это выглядит будто ваша газета боинг сбила. Глупо.

Людей жалко, соболезнования погибшим, но за что прощения то просите?

sozin kirill

If this is the sentiment of the Russian people, this is in itself a highly appreciated and dignified gesture. As such it is appreciated. What happened can not be undone and must be resolved. We hope we will see those responsible give account of their acts and submit themselves to a fair sentence.

We remain how cautious and pessimistic in some fields surrounding this event. We reserve some suspicion for the role of the US, we reserve some suspicion for the role of the Ukraine and we reserve some suspicion for the role of Russia. We inhabit an increasingly insane world where those in power are committing the most horrific crimes for mere personal gain.

The Dutch want answers, we will want to see evidence and then we will reserve the right to test this evidence.

Just days ago I had guests from Russia in my home, young and beautiful people from the south of Russia just hours drive from the crash site. I saw nothing but sweet and lovable human beings. We stand united in love for one another, but we must also stand united in eradicating the evil that infests this world. Let’s wake up politically, Dutch and Russians, and direct our voice in unity against this darkness.

Khannea Sun Tzu

Dear reader, I want to thank you for the compassion with the victims of the MH17 and their loved ones as expressed in your add. It made a great impression in our grieving Dutch society. To be willing to be held accountable demands a lot of courage. Your actions demonstrate such courage. It lifts up my heart and it’s good to know that, even in the crazy world we live in, there are still people who are willing to take the risk of doing the right thing and speak the truth. It will prevail in the long run.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best.



Thank you for your empathy and letting the world know that also the Russians are people with a warm heart.

Rensje van Leijden

При всем уважении к позиции редакции, это походит на манипуляцию общественным мнением. Вы получили только негативные письма на русском языке или находите возможным о позитивных промолчать?

Юрий Власов

Эта обложка наглядно показывает официальную позицию редакции. предлагаю публично покаяться за то, что Россия существует на этом свете и еще имеет наглость зубами удерживать этот мир от третьей мировой войны. и мир должен знать о том, что делает наша страна. более дешевой и мелкой провокации, чем эта картинка, придумать невозможно.

Михаил Загоруйко

Бездействие тоже может быть преступным. Поэтому да — извинение за всех нас. И оно справедливое.

Надежда Щербакова

Людей, живущих в РФ, давно приучили к мысли что их собственная жизнь не стоит ни копейки, а вы хотите, чтобы они начали ценить и уважать жизнь других людей?

Анна Семёнова

Нам в России не хватает европейской цивилизованности: Нам не понятно, почему когда погибли европейцы (Боинг) — это горе, а несколько сотен русских и украинцев, убитых киевским режимом — это рутина, наведение пордка в стране?!..

Алексей Круглов


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